The Individual General Partners of HMS Hawai'i Management Partners, the General Partner of HMS Hawaii, collectively possess over 22 years of venture capital investment experience and have worked closely together since 1994. They currently have management responsibility for venture capital portfolios exceeding $22 million.


Bill Richardson Dick Grey
William K. Richardson is the General Partner of HMS Investments and HMS Investments II. Bill is an attorney specializing in commercial law and finance. Bill worked nine years in various capacities for Wang Laboratories, Inc., most recently as Branch Sales Manager. While with Wang, Bill also served as State and Local, government Marketing manager, Western Region and Asia Area Legal Counsel. Bill was born in Hawaii, received his BA from the University of California and a JD from Duke University of Law. He is currently a Director of Kona Bay Oyster & Shrimp Company, inc., and Pacific Information Exchange, Inc.
Richard G. Grey co-founded Vidar Corporation, a Silicon Valley manufacturer of telecommunications systems which was acquired by Continental Telephone Corporation. Following the acquisition, Dick continued to work at Vidar until he resigned as President in 1974. Dick went on to form Transwitch Associates, a telecommunications consulting firm performing assignments for such clients as Plessey, Philips, LM Ericsson, IBM and GTE. Dick�s venture capital experience prior to HMS Group includes Island Investors, a California limited partnership which invested in Intelect, Inc., (Hawaii) and other direct investments including Digital Microwave Corporation, as well as having been a founding Special Limited Partner of Vanguard Associates, a Palo alto venture capital firm. He is currently a Director of Aloha Networks, Kona Bay Oyster & Shrimp Co., Ltd., MedDev Corporation and Repeater Technologies. Dick acts as an Advisor to HMS Investments and HM S Investments II. He is also a member of IEEE and holds BS and MBA degrees from UCLA and a JD from the University of San Francisco.