Richard G. Grey
William K. Richardson
Special Partners
  "We are in a position to help our companies establish both national and international positions for their products or service, thus significantly increasing their growth."

Dick Grey, General Partner
HMS Hawaii Management

The individual general partners of HMS Hawaii Management collectively have 24 years of venture capital investment experience and have worked closely together since 1994.

HMS Hawaii Management’s relationship with individuals and organizations within the venture capital community, industry and the State of Hawaii help create investment opportunities and enhance partnership performance.

The individual general partners have:

  • Arranged for the profitable transfer of technology between universities and non-affiliated companies with portfolio companies.
  • Assisted in the establishment of marketing relationships, joint ventures and other cooperative relationships.
  • Assisted in recruiting key personnel into portfolio companies.
  • Led investment syndication.
  • Introduced appropriate technology to be used by Hawaii entrepreneurs.
  • Aided in the building of relationships between Hawaii financial institutions and portfolio companies.

We have an extensive network of formal advisors and "friends  of the fund." Our current Advisory Committee includes  John Dean of Tuputele Ventures Fund, Charlie Bass of Bass Ventures, Neal Bond of NEA,  John Hummer of Hummer Winblad, Jerry Okerman of SOTATECH, Barry Weinman of Allegis Capital, Nicholas Mitsakos and Ron Higgins.