HMS Hawaii Management, a management group headed by Richard G. Grey and William K. Richardson, is the General Partner of HMS Investments, HMS Investments II, HMS Hawaii and HMS Hawaii III.

HMS Hawaii Management’s offices are in Honolulu. HMS Hawaii Management is a California-style venture firm committed to achieving superior returns and building strong long-term companies that create wealth and careers.

We make venture capital investments in start-up, emerging and established companies with a preference for early-stage Hawaii-based companies and later-stage non-Hawaii-based companies.

Our preference is to look for portfolio companies that capitalize on
Hawaii’s strengths, in telecommunications, health & wellness, biotechnology, dual use (military technology adapted to civilian use) and ocean, earth and space sciences.

We have a strong presence in the Hawaii, national and international markets, a wide industry network and excellent relationships within the venture capital communities.

We know it takes more than money to make portfolio companies successful - especially in an emerging market such as Hawaii. We work closely with our network of financial, management and technical experts to nurture our companies and grow them into successful businesses. We believe in building value.
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