HMS Hawaii is a Hawaii limited partnership. Principal offices are in Honolulu, Hawaii. A second office is maintained in the San Francisco Bay Area.

HMS Hawaii participates in emerging companies providing products and services, with a majority of the capital committed being invested in companies based in the State of Hawaii.

HMS' business is to:

a) Make venture capital investments in start-up, emerging and established companies;

b) Create investment opportunities through initiating and implementing the tranfer of technology and products between companies and markets; and

c) Enhance partnership investment returns by working closely with HMS' established network within the venture capital community and investors in the partnership, which have an active interest in the portfolio companies.

HMS believes that through the partnership's presence in both the Hawaiian, national and international markets, and its existing industry network and relationship within the venture capital communities, it will be able to achieve sujperior returns.

Competitive Edge:

We believe that investing in Hawaii opportunities will provide both competitive advantage and the portential for higher returns for the following principal reasons:

a) There are excellent opportunities for investment within the State of Hawaii.

HMS Investments, a Hawaii limited partnership formed to invest in Hawaii early stage companies, commenced in September 1995 and continues to the present. Over 90 investment proposals were accepted for review. Five opportunities have been selected for investment. The experience with HMS Investments demonstrates:

An adequate number of investment opportunities occur with the State.

The quality of deals is excellent.

Valuations are realistic.

Competition for investment opportunities is limited.

Individual deals can be syndicated with venure capital investors from out of State.

b) The relationship of the individual general partners with individuals and organizations within the venture capital community, industry and the State of Hawaii both help create investment opportunities and enhance partnership performance.

The individual general partners have:

Arranged for the profitable transfer of technology between universities and non-affiliated companies with portfolio companies.

Assisted in the establishment of marketing relationships, joint ventures and other cooperative relationships.

Assisted in recruiting key personnel into portfolio companies.

Led investment syndication.
Introduced appropriate technology to be used by Hawaii entrepreneurs.

Aided in the building of relationships between Hawaii financial institutions and portfolio companies.

c)HMS, unlike most venture capital funds is specifically addressing the opportunities originating in the State of Hawaii, where there is limited competition from other venture capital firms and limited alternative sources of capital available to entrepreneurs.

We are in a position to assist portfolio companies in establishing both national and international positions for their products or service and thus significantly increasingly the portfolio companies' overall growth.